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Buiders of greenhouses

The company

AGRIMEC was founded in 1979. At once it made interesting experiences in the design and installation of greenhouses destined to flower and vegetable-growing, as in Italy like abroad, under the guide of Spelgatti family administration.

The property (8.000 m2) is located in Casazza, a small village at 70 km from Milan, just in the middle of a beautiful valley, where for a long time an industrial zone is growing over and over. The building consists in several sectors, destined to management, production, warehouse and exposition. 

Equipments and Tecnology

From the beginning the company involved its products, helped by its team’s old experience, technological innovation (numerical control machines) and computer design (drawing and FEM static calculation).
After 30 years AGRIMEC built a brand today very well known all around in Italy.

Agents and dealers support AGRIMEC staff in the sale of its products offering to the customers a full assistance since the first contact (quoting, advising, financing, designing) up to after-sale supervision (installation, maintenance).
AGRIMEC usually delivers its greenhouses quickly and cheaply in Italy and abroad using the service of professional transport companies good connected with all European countries.

“Turnkey” installations

AGRIMEC employs qualified workers for every kind of installation.
The installation is one of primary importance aspects in the purchase of one greenhouse.
Only a special team can install a such structure help by experience, specific tools and organization.
If requested by the buyer AGRIMEC can assume the direction of the work and provide greenhouses and structures in turnkey way.

Greenhouses and Energy

In the last few years design activity has been dedicated to the energy matter, very importing question in flower-growing market too.
AGRIMEC offers its experience in the installation of photovoltaic systems integrated with its greenhouses.
Since November 2006 a photovoltaic solar system of 19,2 power kW is operating at its headquarter.
It’s a pilot project which is shown to the customers as a model to be followed, an invitation to use new energy forms for the greenhouse management.


Agrimec is contracted to numerous transport companies.
It is able to deliver its goods rapidly and professionally anywhere in the world.


AGRIMEC utilizes qualified technicians for the installation of all its plants.
The erection of a greenhouse or a plant is of fundamental importance,and must be left in the hands of professionals having ability,experience and organization.
On request,Agrimec can direct the works.

Pre and post-sales service

On request,we provide 

  • On-site inspection for customer 
  • Free quotes with no obligation 
  • Designs,projects,declaration of static suitability and conformity.