Building license

What authorizations to build?

Authorisation is one of the core issues on that depends the decision of customer to go on in investing money in greenhouse installation.

For this reason AGRIMEC recommends its own customers to inform themselves on which local government organization has the authority to give the permission to build and which kind of authorization is requested.

AGRIMEC wants to specify that a greenhouse is a construction very different from a civil or industrial building. The most important difference is due to the short useful life of a greenhouse compared with the long life of a building used for people-life or manufacturing activity: these buildings are characterized by high safety guarantee, high cost and long life.

A greenhouse – contrary – is a building designed for short-term activities (from 5 up to 15 years); it must give less insurance relate security and resistance performace than civil and industrial constructions.

Usually the process to obtain a such authorization is linked with the followings aspects:

  1. destination: flower or vegetable-growing (real greenhouse) better than garaging (storage rooms more similar to industrial building);
  2. measurements: in Europe some municipality is inclined to authorized when the top height of the greenhouse doesn’t exceed a quote, usually 4 m; 
  3. anchorage: disassembling is a quality almost always pretended; concrete foundations sometimes are not admitted because they contradict a such requirement. AGRIMEC recommends to anchor the building to the ground with solutions able to assure the respect of the level of safety for what the greenhouse is designed.


Agrimec is contracted to numerous transport companies.
It is able to deliver its goods rapidly and professionally anywhere in the world.


AGRIMEC utilizes qualified technicians for the installation of all its plants.
The erection of a greenhouse or a plant is of fundamental importance,and must be left in the hands of professionals having ability,experience and organization.
On request,Agrimec can direct the works.

Pre and post-sales service

On request,we provide 

  • On-site inspection for customer 
  • Free quotes with no obligation 
  • Designs,projects,declaration of static suitability and conformity.