• European norm EN 13031-1 dated 01-11-2004
    “Greenhouses: Design and construction”

One of the most important news of these rules is the greenhouse classification based on the following table:

Category Useful project life
15 years 10 years 5 years
Class A

Greenhouses covered by rigid materials which don’t bear big deformations under load

A15 A10
Class B

Greenhouses covered by materials – as plastic films – which can bear big deformations under load

B15 B10 B5

The useful project life is the period during which buildings, subject to the ordinary maintenance, must be used for the purpose they are destined to.


Agrimec is contracted to numerous transport companies.
It is able to deliver its goods rapidly and professionally anywhere in the world.


AGRIMEC utilizes qualified technicians for the installation of all its plants.
The erection of a greenhouse or a plant is of fundamental importance,and must be left in the hands of professionals having ability,experience and organization.
On request,Agrimec can direct the works.

Pre and post-sales service

On request,we provide 

  • On-site inspection for customer 
  • Free quotes with no obligation 
  • Designs,projects,declaration of static suitability and conformity.