The front frame is very important for the following reasons:

  • it must be enough strong so to transfer to the main structure all the actions coming from outside, especially those one due to strong wind; 
  • it must be covered by long life materials since it’s so easy to damage them beating with tools or tractors;
  • it’s the site where doors and entrances to the greenhouse are usually allocated; 
    these doors can be made of various types:

Sliding door system

  • solution admitted for NM, HM and TN mode
  • lelegant solution
  • very ideal for pedestrian access and for small transport motorvehicle access
  • recommended coverings:
    • fiberglass rolls or sheets
    • polycarbonate sheets
    • PVC sheets
    • PET sheets

Useful width Useful height Number of doors
A (m) B (m)  
1,44 2,30÷3,50 Single
1,94 2,30÷3,50 Single
2,94 2,30÷3,50 Double
3,94 2,30÷3,50 Double

Overturnable system

  • solution admitted for NM and TN model (H = 2,35 m only)
  • cheap solution
  • in short greenhouses (< 15-20 m) this front can replace lateral windows thanks to the big airing obtained opening the total front surface;
  • pedestrian access very comfortable thanks to the shutter door (1,45×2,3 m) incorporated in the frame;
  • entrance for tractor admitted (<2,35 m) at same time;
  • covering: only polyethylene film

Sliding tarpaulin

  • solution admitted for NM and HM model;
  • PVC tarpaulin supplied – on above site – with trolleys that let sliding along suitable rail and – at the bottom – with practical belts to pull the tarpaulin when it’s shut;
  • ideal solution if it’s requested a so much wide access as the total greenhouse width and an height more than 2,30 m at same time;
  • in very high greenhouses it can become very hard to slide the tarpaulin.


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