Strength points

AGRIMEC’s greenhouses are built with high-quality European raw materials and with such technical details to ensure bigger efficiency and more easy assembling.
These structures assure a wide use flexibility, a long useful life with low operating costs, a competitive price thanks to the adoption of modular standard solution, an high structural resistance according to technical standards.
AGRIMEC produces small and big greenhouses thanks to a full range of sizes which satisfies every demand.

Flexibility/ Modularity

Aasy assembling

Bolted joints, fixed reference points, puncture elements, easy and fast assembling.

Resistance and respect of technical standards

Shape of the section

Agrimec section profile: semicircle arc vault

section profile with ghotic arc or double flap vault

Optimum layout

Square form layout recommended


Recommended optimum height (H) between 3 and 4 m.
An high greenhouse is able to create a fresher and more accessible site.
It requires just a little higher heating cost.
ATTENTION: too much height, useless investment
Available height: from 2,35 up 4 m


Maximum width: up to 10,5 m


Length: free, thanks to modularity


Agrimec is contracted to numerous transport companies.
It is able to deliver its goods rapidly and professionally anywhere in the world.


AGRIMEC utilizes qualified technicians for the installation of all its plants.
The erection of a greenhouse or a plant is of fundamental importance,and must be left in the hands of professionals having ability,experience and organization.
On request,Agrimec can direct the works.

Pre and post-sales service

On request,we provide 

  • On-site inspection for customer 
  • Free quotes with no obligation 
  • Designs,projects,declaration of static suitability and conformity.