Top covering and film installation

Top covering

AGRIMEC recommends double film for the top covering: two films separeted by air inflated by small fan into the space between two films.

Benefits of double inflated film

  • significant energy saving (30-40%)
  • best resistance against hail falling
  • longer duration
  • easy assembling
  • optimal tension of film

Inflating fan

Film installation

AGRIMEC offers a wide range of accessories for film fixing.


Section Code Description Weight Length
nv0987  Single flat aluminium profile 380 gr/m 6000 mm
nv1056   Single flat angular aluminium profile   675 gr/m 6000 mm
nv3033 Double flat aluminium profile   1229 gr/m 6000 mm
nv5242  Double reinforced aluminium profile   1088 gr/m 6000 mm


  Code Description For pipe Packaging
        clips15met   Metal clips Ø 15  Ø 16 25 kg
clips20met    Metal clips Ø 20 Ø 21 25 kg
clips25met  Metal clips Ø 25 Ø 28 25 kg
clips30met  Metal clips Ø 30 Ø 32 25 kg
clips35met  Metal clips Ø 35 Ø 38 20 kg
clips45met  Metal clips Ø 45 Ø 48 20 kg
clips55met  Metal clips Ø 55 Ø 60 20 kg


Agrimec is contracted to numerous transport companies.
It is able to deliver its goods rapidly and professionally anywhere in the world.


AGRIMEC utilizes qualified technicians for the installation of all its plants.
The erection of a greenhouse or a plant is of fundamental importance,and must be left in the hands of professionals having ability,experience and organization.
On request,Agrimec can direct the works.

Pre and post-sales service

On request,we provide 

  • On-site inspection for customer 
  • Free quotes with no obligation 
  • Designs,projects,declaration of static suitability and conformity.